LEMIC born in 1975 away from brilliant idea of two experienced entrepreneurs in the sector of planning and construction of complete bottling and automatic labelling lines tailored, for beverage industry, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical. During years, through a continuous process of research, construction and testing, LEMIC began making and designing different types of machine increasingly innovative, of quality and great functionality, becoming an important reality, offering tailored solutions to market requirements.

LEMIC becomes a dynamic and motivated company to design machine and complete bottling lines of different liquids (oil, flat water, fruit juice, wine, pharmaceuticals, etc.) and working different types of containers (Pet, glass, Pvc, etc.) cylindrical or shaped. LEMIC has focused in recent years on building of filling machines and complete bottling lines of liquids, developing two filling systems: LIGHT PRESSURE and GRAVITY.

Through the experience gained during years and with use of innovative and latest technologies, LEMIC has become an expert and careful company to the customer' s various requests, offering tailored machinery and "turn key" complete bottling plants. The experience of over 40 years allowed to LEMIC to gain reliability and confidence, offering products and high-quality services and guarantee.

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