who we are

LEMIC is an experted company in planning and construction of bottling plants of liquid products like flat water, still wine, food oil, liquors, distillates, fruit-juice, milk, etc., in different types of containers (glass, PVC, PET, etc.) of a regular form or shaped form, for small and medium productions. LEMIC 's bottling lines consist in a rinsing/blowing phase, filling phase and capping phase, on the different typologies of caps (T caps, alluminium pre-threaded cap, cork cap, plastic cap, etc); LEMIC, also, can supply "free standing" machines, according to the customers' requirements. LEMIC also provides spare-part of machines and bottling lines of every type. LEMIC reviews and offers assistance and/or maintenance on used machines. The experince of over 40 year in the beverage and labelling field, has allowed to gain confidence, reliability and innovation.
Production speeds range: from 1.000 to 20.000 p.p.h.

Triblock rinsing, filling, capping, with double capping mod. Giada 12/12/1/1 - Bottling of distillates

The beginning

LEMIC has been founded in 1975 by two expert in design and construction of complete automatic filling and labelling systems for beverage industry, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Through a continuous process of construction and testing, LEMIC started to design and built various types of machines more and more innovative, of quality and great functionality, becoming an important reality; LEMIC has always offered customized solutions at the market needs. Thanks to the experience gained since 1975 and with the use of breakthrough technologies and the latest generation, LEMIC has become an expert company and careful to the needs and requests of the customer, offering custom machineries and "turn key" bottling plants. Since 1975, LEMIC follows and advises the customers and is always available in providing advices.

The first rotative and linear labelling machine, years 1975, 1976