Spare parts supplied by Lemic are original, being the same used for the construction of the machines. Experience and professionalism have allowed the company to select the best spare parts on the market, guaranteeing and tested by the firm itself. Lemic can supplies spare-parts for every machine type, both new and used and according to customer needs.

SPARE-PARTS for every type of labelling machine, including:
- glue pump, glue pump with thermoheater, glue thermoheater
- rubber rollers, ironing rollers, sponge rollers, unscrewing rollers, of different sizes
- glue binders, labels-holder magazine.

SPARE-PARTS for filling machines, monoblocks, uniblock, including:
- complete pneumatic lifting pistons, complete filling valves
- gaskets and bearings of every type and size

SPARE-PARTS for every type of machine, including:
- complete bottles format for every type of bottle
- complete conveyor belts, motorized towing heads
- accumulation tables unscrambling loading tables
- belts, pulleys, gear wheel, gears (made in inox, zellamid, iron), universal joints, fifth-wheels
- reducers, gearmotors