Spare parts supplied by Lemic are original, being the same used for construction of machines. Experience and professionalism allowed to company to select the best parts present on the market, guaranteeing and testing them by the company itself. Lemic is capable of providing spare-parts for every type of machine, both new or used and and based on requests of customer.

SPARE-PART for every type of labelling machine including:
- glue pump, glue heater
- rubber rollers, ironing rollers, sponge rollers of different sizes
- label holder magazine

SPARE-PARTS for filling, monoblocks, uniblocks including:
- complete bottle jacks, complete filling valves
- gaskets and bearings of every type and size

SPARE-PARTS for every type of machine including:
- complete changing size for every type of bottle
- complete conveyor belts, head motorized tow
- collection product table and loading table product
- belts, pulley, toothed wheel, universal joints, gears of different sizes
- reducers and gearmotors

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